Definitions for "Unity"
Concord; harmony; conjunction; agreement; uniformity; as, a unity of proofs; unity of doctrine.
In dramatic composition, one of the principles by which a uniform tenor of story and propriety of representation are preserved; conformity in a composition to these; in oratory, discourse, etc., the due subordination and reference of every part to the development of the leading idea or the eastablishment of the main proposition.
Such a combination of parts as to constitute a whole, or a kind of symmetry of style and character.
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Unity is the second album for Australian band George.
Unity was 311's second independent release and first CD release on their own record company, What Have You Records. It was released in 1991. This album is no longer in print and is very rare.
Unity is an album by jazz organist Larry Young, released on the Blue Note label. While not free jazz, the album features innovative experimentation.
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Unity is the collective name for a race of fictional alien beings from an eponymous episode of .
Unity is episode 1.2 of I Pity the Fool.
Unity is an episode of Star Trek: Voyager, the 17th episode of the third season.
Unity or Progressive Unity was the name used in Saskatchewan, Canada, by a popular front party initiated by the Communist Party of Canada for the 1938 Saskatchewan and 1940 Canadian election.
"Unity" was the political label for a series of electoral pacts by Irish nationalist candidates in Northern Ireland elections in the 1960s and 1970s. It also contested elections as a party in its own right, electing six councillors in the 1973 local council elections in the Fermanagh and Dungannon areas, although this was reduced to 2 members of Fermanagh council in the next election in 1977.
Unity (Jednist) is an alliance in Ukraine. At the last legislative elections, 30 march 2002, the alliance won 1.1 % of the popular vote and 4 out of 450 seats.
Unity (Arabic: الوحدة; transliterated: al-Wahda) is one of the 26 wilayat or states of Sudan. It has an area of 35,956 km² and an estimated population of approximately 175,000 (2000). Bentiu is the capital of the state.
Unity was a video game being developed by Jeff Minter and Lionhead Studios for the Nintendo Game Cube video game system. It was in development from the beginning of 2003 until its cancellation at the end of 2004. It was to feature Jeff Minter's trademark psychedelic graphical style, meshed with an interactive music component.
Unity is a video game development environment released in 2005 by Over The Edge I/S, for producing Mac and Windows games using Mac OS X.
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the quality of being united into one
is the quality of having all parts of a piece relate to each other in a way that makes the piece seem like one. Example: It is said that the ending of Huck Finn lacks unity with the rest of the piece because of Huck's unjustified depression and the reappearence of Tom Sawyer.
Unity, formerly the Ceramic and Allied Trades Union, is a British trade union, created in the early 19th century to protect pottery workers from dangerous conditions of their field. In 2006 it changed its name to Unity.
UNITY is a union of by asylum seekers established in the Glasgow, Scotland, in 2005 to ensure that the human rights of asylum seekers and sans papiers in the UK are upheld. Its headquarters are in Ibrox, near to the Home Office Immigration Centre where it holds monthly demonstrations highlighting the treatment of asylum seekers in the UK.
The UNITY programming languages was constructed by K. Mani Chandy and Jayadev Misra for their book Parallel Program Design: A Foundation. It is a rather theoretical language, which tries to focus on what, instead of where, when or how.
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the campus-wide implementation of the NCSU College of Engineering's computing environment, called Eos, a Unix-based network for distributed computing based on technology developed in MIT's Athena Project.
When a skater rides with his front foot on the outside of the grind plate and places this foot in front of the back foot, which is on the outside of its grind plate. When skaters perform a Unity, it looks as though they're sitting Indian style. A variation is the Savannahs, where the skater is locked in the same position as the Unity but travelling in the opposite direction.
(Lokahi) Unite; peaceful relationship.
an unreduced or unbroken completeness or totality
Delvians perform the "sacred surrender of two minds" which results in a single consciousness. Unity is a bond where souls merge and real knowledge is shared. Basically it is the opportunity to "give a piece of one's mind to another."
Unity was a company-wide "crossover" story published by Valiant Comics in the summer of 1992.
The combination or order of parts in a work which promotes an undivided total effect.
That mode or attribute of a being in virtue of which a being is undivided in itself (and divided from every other being).
a national network organization promoting personal development, citizenship and leadership among Native American youth
The peculiar characteristics of an estate held by several in joint tenancy.
Legal dictate that must exist for property to be owned as joint tenants.
one of the rules of theater described by Aristotle that states action, time, and location should be consistent.
Any definite quantity, or aggregate of quantities or magnitudes taken as one, or for which 1 is made to stand in calculation; thus, in a table of natural sines, the radius of the circle is regarded as unity.
A synonym for the number 'one'. Source: econterms
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The state of being one; oneness.
In Spirit there is a universal oneness of God, man and all creation.
When people come together to agree on something they are showing unity.
Individuals or groups coming together for a single purpose.
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Oneness without diversity, like from the unity of energy came the diversity of matter.
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See Unity of Science Movement
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The factor of one.