Definitions for "EOS"
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'EOS' is a fully functioning preemptive real time kernel originally developed for the Infineon XC167 microcontroller. Performance summary: A typical context switch will take about 100[µs] at 40[Mhz], when all tasks have a stack of 256 bytes.
Aurora, the goddess of morn.
Earth Observing Systems
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A data-integrity checking technology designed by IBM that features ECC data-integrity checking built onto a SIMM.
name of the development project and the distributed AFS-based computing network in the NCSU College of Engineering. The technology is based on the Athena Project technology.
(ECC on SIMM) - An IBM data-integrity-checking technology that features ECC data-integrity-checking on a SIMM.
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Elliptical Oblate Spheroidal
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End Of String
End of story
End of Session. The ending period of a DX Gold session. Each DXInOne trading session lasts approx 23.5 hours.
Executive Operations Staff, CFSAN
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See Electrical Overstress.
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The name used for auto-focus mirror reflex cameras.
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Exhaust Oxygen Sensor
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Enterprise Output Solution
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Enhanced Operator Services
Federal Specifications and Standards, U.S.A.
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New products Other developments