Definitions for "SATELLITES"
Communication device that orbits around the earth relaying video and audio signals.
Objects that orbit a planet. These can be natural, such as moons, or artificial, such as communication satellites.
These are a primary part of the GPS system. There are many satellites in orbit around the planet to provide full coverage of supported areas.
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Small tournaments where the winners wins the right to join bigger tournaments at low cost
Mini tournaments that feed winning players into larger poker tournaments at a reduced buy- in.
Ten handed qualifying mini tournaments in which players put up a much smaller amount than the buy-in to a regular tournament in hopes of winning a seat to the much larger tournament
records preserving copies of parts of the earlier stages of the DOMESDAY INQUEST.
A scrollable checklist of all the satellites available in the system database. At least one satellite must be selected from this checklist.
Small, round appendages attached by fine stalks to the ends of the short 'p' arms of the acrocentric chromosomes. They do not always stain darkly and may be difficult to see.
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The side and rear speakers in a surround system.