Definitions for "MINI"
The commission on a deal where the car was sold at close to invoice price. "Sure, the deal was only a mini. But I qualified for a weekend bonus and made a grand."
The commission on a deal where the car was sold at close to invoice, and therefore without a large profit.
a sedan, not a sports car (think two seaters)
This skirt ends above the knee. Some designs include detachable overskirts which may be removed for the reception.
An SW who is between 2-4 feet in height. Many people who prefer minis enjoy seeing the woman spanked, forced to dress as a child, or wear diapers. This is NOT a form of pedophilia (child sexual abuse) but rather a variation of the extremely adult-oriented BDSM fetish called "adult baby" (AB for short). They enjoy the humiliation of the grown-up woman as she is treated like the child whose size she bears. (Note: For several classic, and often quite sexy, stories featuring larger SWs, try visiting the Little Ladies site.)
used of women's clothing; very short with hemline above the knee; "a mini dress"; "miniskirts"
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The MINI is the second smallest shared hosting package offered by Virtualis. This option is great for the cost-conscious customer who wants a Web presence with e-commerce functionality and a robust platform at a terrific price. See Also: SHARED SERVER
a great pet, they do not eat much and do not take much room
a great phone with a pda, camera and phone all in one
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a single sheet of paper folded four times to make a tiny comic book (roughly creditcard sized)
Smaller, lightweight racing products made for younger riders.
Refers to a futures contract that has a smaller contract size than an otherwise identical futures contract.
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(prefix) of lesser strength; weaker than the usual kind (e.g., Mini-Roman two diamonds: a two-diamond opening showing the same hand-type but less strength than a Roman two diamonds.)
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MINI is a secure service discovery protocol for the M2MI ad-hoc networking library and written in Java .
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a fully embedded system, it is the ideal solution for mobile installations such as buses, train, planes etc
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A Mini ISA can only hold one type of investment; Cash, Stocks and Shares or Life Assurance. An investor can have a mini ISA for each type of investment. It is also possible for each mini ISA to be invested with a different company. e.g. an investor can have Stocks & shares ISA with Company X, cash ISA with company Y and a Life Assurance ISA with company Z.
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Type of bullet used by both sides during the Civil War.
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a toy, and the more things a toy does, the greater its play value