Definitions for "Caravan"
A company of travelers, pilgrims, or merchants, organized and equipped for a long journey, or marching or traveling together, esp. through deserts and countries infested by robbers or hostile tribes, as in Asia or Africa.
a group of people travelling together through the desert.
The official and support vehicles in a race.
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A covered vehicle for carrying passengers or for moving furniture, etc.; -- sometimes shorted into van.
a trailer (if you are from USA or Canada), type of accomodation that you pull behind the car, often just called a van.
n. 1. Mobile home. 2. Trailer.
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a (usually commercial) tour group of RV's
The agent that is marketing the property takes the rest of the salespeople in the office through the property so that they can familiarise themselves with the property and market the property to their buyers.
A viewing of newly listed properties for sale by real estate agents usually after a sales meeting.
A large, covered wagon, or a train of such wagons, for conveying wild beasts, etc., for exhibition; an itinerant show, as of wild beasts.
Multiple exhibit shipments transported from one trade show to another trade show in a sufficient quality to create a truckload, or loads, that will be transported to destination without transfer.
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Carrying Charges Caveat Emptor
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a camper equipped with living quarters
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an expensive investment, and with so much choice now available to buyers, choosing the best brand and model to suit your needs can be a time-consuming process
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a house on wheels
a very large financial commitment, for some it is possibly the most expensive thing they own
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a one-level building usually made of wood and may be pre-fabricated
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a high sided object