Definitions for "Reggae"
is electric social and popular music from Jamaica. Derived from earlier forms such as Ska and Rocksteady, Reggae was created in the 60's and 70's by Afro Jamaicans who were influenced by American Rock and Soul music they heard on the radio. In attempting to copy the American sound of guitars bass, drums and vocals, Jamaicans added their rhythmic, cultural, and speech characteristics to create the Reggae sound. Bob Marley was Reggae's biggest star. Originally sung in English, Reggae has become and international music and is sung in many languages.
Traditionally West Indian, played on the offbeat with a heavy bass line and Rastafarian themes.
Originally from Jamaica, this internationally played sound dominated by bass, drums (or often drum machine), and guitar chops is associated with the Rastsafarian religion, liberation politics, and ganga.