Definitions for "Rolling Stock"
Cargo that can be driven or towed on to the vessel such as cars, trucks, buses, trailers, and agricultural machines.
The revenue vehicles used in providing transit service for passengers.
Train vehicles.
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Rolling Stock was a newspaper of ideas and a chronicle of the 1980s published in Boulder, Colorado by Ed Dorn and Jennifer Dunbar Dorn. The paper had a regional motif, but featured correspondents covering the world, including Woody Haut on Labor, John Daley on Law, Roger Echo-Hawk on Native American Affairs, Nick Sedgwick on Golf, Stan Brakhage on Film, Jane Brakhage on Lump Gulch, Dick Dillof in Montana, Lucía Berlin in California, Tom Raworth, London & Cambridge, Fielding Dawson, New York; Jeremy Prynne, English Letters, Marilyn Krysl in China, James Inskeep, Southern Colorado, Tom Clark, Southern California, and Bob Lewis, Akron, Ohio & Abroad.
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The roller coaster train.
Powered or nonpowered wheeled equipment.
Transportation equipment on wheels.