Definitions for "Trailer"
Keywords:  tow, tractor, unpowered, truck, caravan
a wheeled vehicle without a motor, designed to be drawn by a motor vehicle in front of it;
such a vehicle used on street railroads. Called also trail car.
the large wheeled wagon or van pulled by a tractor in a tractor-trailer combination.
A short blank segment of movie film attached to the end; -- used for convenient insertion of the film in a projector.
A short film consisting primarily of one or more short portions of a film, used in promotions or advertisements shortly before initial release of a film.
term used to describe the portion of the movie shown as a preview to entice prospective audiences to go and see the movie. Commonly found in commericals and before other movies.
A attacking player who skates into the offensive zone behind the puck carrier.
someone who takes more time than necessary; someone who lags behind
a thing you drag behind, usually with a car
Keywords:  edi, segment, untranslated, pdu, footer
Protocol control information located at the end of a PDU.
The ending segment of a set of segments. The trailer is a control structure.
The segment of elements in an EDI standard transaction which indicates the end of a segment or end of a data file.
Keywords:  bulk, weatherproof, grub, lure, freight
anything attached to the rear hook of a lure used to add attraction or bulk. Most often a soft rubber grub.
Weatherproof box designed for bulk shipment of freight. It is generally used for over the road shipments.
Keywords:  punk, debut, helmets, parades, album
The device that carries the boat on land.
Commonly referred to as the band trailer, carries the uniforms, helmets and the larger instruments to various parades and field shows.
Trailer is a punk influenced mini-album by the band Ash. The album was released in October, 1994 through Infectious Records. The band considered it a "trailer" for their debut album proper, and named it accordingly.
a crony capitalism boondoggle - not a benchmark for affordability
Keywords:  hind, horseshoe, beyond, horse, extends
A part of an object which extends some distance beyond the main body of the object; as, the trailer of a plant.
a fact of life in the horse world
horseshoe heel which is extended 1/2 inch or more beyond the heel of the horse's foot. Used for corrective purposes, usually on the hind legs.
Plant type. An African Violet which has more than one crown. Trailers are sometimes called multiple-crowned, multiple-stemmed or caulescent. Also see Sucker.
A optional report region that can contain closing material for the report, including text, graphics, data, and computations. The report trailer appears last, following the header and body.
The portion of the message that follows the actual body and header of the business transaction.
Part of a packet (message data surrounded by a header and trailer) that carries special information used by the network to the destination station.
Keywords:  didn't, guess, thread, ribbon, last
The last few feet of a ribbon, after the ink coverage: used to complete the ribbon thread through the printer.
a given, I guess I didn't say that at the beginning of the thread
The last aircraft in a formation.
a highly useful piece of equipment
A train car that is not equipped with a motor. French: remorque.
a good investment, and it may be parked in a moveable greenhouse-like structure for heating
a good thing for space in addition
A portion of the Annual Management Fee is often paid by the fund manager to the distributor of funds. This payment, known as trailer, is to compensate the distributor for the ongoing costs of client servicing.
Keywords:  guest, want, signature, bottom, check
A trailer is a message that will print at the bottom of every guest check. Example: At the bottom of every check being paid by credit card, you may want the trailer "Signature " to print.
a visible pattern caused by gasoline or other similar accelerant)
A mail-in incentive attached to a product to increase the sales of a slow-selling product in an otherwise fast-moving category.
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See semi-trailer
Part of a frame that helps the receiver of the data to recognize and deal with transmission errors.
Keywords:  matter, preference
a matter of preference
Keywords:  lot, thing, handle, strong, moving
a lot of work, and it takes a strong back and arm to handle much of the work associated with moving and setting up this thing
Keywords:  great, investment
a great investment
Keywords:  deduction, time, one
a one time deduction
Keywords:  output, gives, user, page, file
a page following a file that gives the name of the user of the output
Keywords:  one
One who, or that which, trails.