Definitions for "gaw"
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Gross Axle Weight (GAW) is the actual weight placed on a single axle. For additional details see Understanding RV Weights.
GROSS AXLE WEIGHT. Specified maximum carrying capacity of an axle, measured at tire-road interface.
Gross Axle Weight. This is the total weight placed on each axle (front and rear). To determine the Gross Axle Weights for your vehicle and trailer combination, take your loaded vehicle and trailer to a scale. With the trailer attached, place the front wheels of the vehicle on the scale to get the front GAW. For rear GAW, weigh the towing vehicle with the trailer attached, but with just the four wheels of the vehicle on the scale. Next, get the GAW by subtracting the front GAW from that amount.
Acronym for the Global Atmospheric Watch program, the purpose of which is to provide data, scientific assessments, and other information on the atmospheric composition and related physical characteristics of the background atmosphere from all parts of the globe. The measurement program includes greenhouse gases, ozone, radiation and optical depth, precipitation chemistry, chemical and physical properties of aerosols, reactive gases, radionuclides, and related meterological parameters. See the GAW Web site.
Group additivity method as implemented in the NIST Chemistry Webbook. See for a group additivity method that predicts enthalpies of formation and entropies. Group additivity methods assume that a molecule can be broken down into separate parts (groups), each of which contributes additively to the total enthalpy or entropy. For example acetone is composed of two methyl groups (each adds -42.7 kJ/mol) and a carbonyl group (which adds -131 kJ/mol) for an estimated enthalpy of formation of -216.4 kJ/mol.
A tussocky forage grass of semi-arid Sudan. Aristida mutability
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Gnome Awele is a game of Mancala. It is client-server and can be played over a network against computer or another player.
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galvanized after weaving. In chain link fabric, describes steel fabric that is zinc coated after weaving.
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Guaranteed Annual Wage.