Definitions for "Gross Axle Weight Rating"
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The Gross Axle Weight Rating (GAWR) is the maximum allowable weight that can be carried on a vehicle's axle or individual suspension components, either front or rear. It includes the weight of the vehicle, plus cargo and equipment supported by the axle and includes Tongue Weight or Kingpin Weight when trailering. These ratings are shown on the vehicle's Certification Label, usually located in the driver's door frame, and should not be exceeded, nor should the total load exceed the GVWR.
This is the maximum weight to be carried by a single axle (front or rear). These numbers also are shown on the Safety Compliance Certification Label. The total load on each axle must never exceed its GAWR.
Maximum to which the axle can be loaded, according to the manufacturer; includes all weight placed on all tires on a given axle.