Definitions for "differential"
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The mechanism, usually found inside the gearbox casing, that drives and regulates both driveshafts, allowing them to rotate at different speeds.
A set of mechanical gears that eqaulises the power between the left and right drive wheels, particularly when cornering, when the outside wheel travels further than the inside wheel.
System of gears capable of dividing the input torque of one shaft between two output shafts where rotation at different speeds is likely to occur, as in cornering.
Distribution of various types of white cells in the blood. Used to determine Absolute Neutrophil Count (ANC)
a white blood cell count that reports the number of each kind of white blood cell in a sample of 100 cells
There are five types of white blood cells, each with different functions: neutrophils, lymphocytes, monocytes, eosinophils, and basophils. The differential reveals if these cells are present in normal proportion to another, if one cell type is increased or decreased, or if immune cells are present. Therefore, increases and decreases in types of white blood cells are individual values and can signify certain conditions, including infections and cancers of the blood.
(of radius of gyration) – A comparison of the (radius of gyration) of the weight block vertically and the weight block's radius of gyration horizontally. The difference in values is the differential. Higher differential balls have more track flare potential. Differential is measured from a low of 0 to a high of .080.
It is the difference between the lowest and highest RGs. You compute the high and subtract the low from that and you have the differential. There is no minimum for differential. What differential tells you: RG Differential is an indicator of track flare POTENTIAL in a bowling ball. Differentials in the .01s to .02s would mean that a ball has a lower track flare potential, .03s to .04s would be the medium range for track flare potential, and the .05s to .080 would indicate a high track flare potential. These ranges above are not based on cardinal rules. They are BTM in-house rules of thumb because there are no published guidelines. Also, differential is a guide to the internal versatility of a ball. It can indicate just how much of a length adjustment can be made through drilling. A low differential will allow for only a modest variance in length (from shortest drilling to longest) which may translate into as little as a foot or two. An extremely high differential may translate into a length window in the neighborhood of eight feet.
The difference in the Radius of Gyration or RG on the x-axis and the y-axis. RG differential indicates the amount of flare potential of a bowling ball.
An increment, usually an indefinitely small one, which is given to a variable quantity.
the result of mathematical differentiation; the instantaneous change of one quantity relative to another; df(x)/dx
a small bit of something, a difference. The differential calculus tells you how to take the derivative of a function. The quantity dx is called a differential.
One of two coils of conducting wire so related to one another or to a magnet or armature common to both, that one coil produces polar action contrary to that of the other.
An electrical signal configuration using a pair of lines for data transfer. The advantage of differential compared to single-ended configuration is a relative high tolerance for common-mode noise and crosstalk when used with twisted pair cables. In layman's terms, this means longer distance.
A hardware configuration for connecting SCSI devices. It uses a pair of lines for each signal transfer (as opposed to single-ended SCSI, which references each SCSI signal to a common ground).
A small additional charge imposed by some brokers on odd-lot trades.
A small charge, typically 1/8 point, added to the purchase price and subtracted from the selling price by the dealer for odd-lot quantities.
A small charge added to the sale price of odd lot orders as compensation to the dealer or specialist handling the order.
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In a mortgage-backed security, the difference between the MBS security rate and the coupon rates of the underlying mortgages. The issuer retains the differential to pay for servicing costs and the guarantee.
A NYSIF rate modification which increases rates above the standard manual rates as published by the New York Compensation Insurance Rating Board (NYCIRB.)
pressure sticking - A condition in which a section of drillpipe becomes stuck in deposits on the wall of the borehole.
An electrical input or output signal which uses two lines of opposite polarity referenced to the local signal ground.
a unit that transfers power from the input to output shafts
differential settlement: portion of a structure sinks into the ground more than others
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Sometimes called hysteresis.
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The difference between operate AT and release AT. This is also expressed in % as (OAT-RAT)/OAT %.
The use of two or more global positioning GPS satellites as a means of determining an exact location on the Earth's surface, i.e. by giving a latitude and longitude coordinate reference with an accuracy of about one metre.
A discount offered by a carrier that faces a service time disadvantage over a route.
dip discount yield
When ailerons are set to give more up movement than down movement. This is to reduce the effect of adverse yaw.
An amount added to or deducted from a base shipping rate between two given locations to determine a new rate for another location.
Percentage that is added to the reference rate in order to obtain a new interest rate to apply at every revision.
Amount added to/deducted from base rate to make rate to/from some other point or via another route.
A small difference in rates which competing railroad lines, in establishing a common tariff, allow one of their number to make, in order to get a fair share of the business. The lower rate is called a differential rate. Differentials are also sometimes granted to cities.
Relating to or indicating a difference; creating a difference; discriminating; special; as, differential characteristics; differential duties; a differential rate.
Relating to differences of motion or leverage; producing effects by such differences; said of mechanism.
relating to or showing a difference; "differential treatment"
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Differential swap Digits deleted
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The difference between posted prices for light oil versus a heavier grade of oil.
The out-of-pocket (or payroll deduction) difference that an eligible individual may be required to pay.
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Of or pertaining to a differential, or to differentials.
a BRILLIANT piece of engineering that most of us probably take for granted
lung ventilation - ventilation in which each lung can be ventilated independently of one another with different modes or settings.
the value of the difference between two pressures. See modes
Having different effects or results. The difference between two consecutive values.
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The difference between the cut-in and cut-out of a control.
(of a control) the difference between cut in and cut out points.
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A backup that includes all files changed since the last Full save started. Note, other backup programs may define this differently.
A form of conductor used for dividing and distributing the current to a series of electric lamps so as to maintain equal action in all.
involving or containing one or more derivatives; "differential equation"
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a quality that differentiates between similar things
Distance (or angle) from the operating position to the release position.
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See Number of Channels.