Definitions for "ANC"
see Absolute Neutrophil Count
absolute neutrophil count; neutrophils help the body fight infections. When the ANC is low, a patient is susceptible to infection.
The number of neutrophils in the blood, measured by cells per cubic millimeter. ANC is determined by adding the percentage of neutrophils in the blood with the percentage of bands in the blood, multiplying that number by the white blood count and dividing the product by 100. This number represents the amount of neutrophils, which are available for defending the body at the time of the blood test. A normal ANC for a non-neutropenic person is generally within the range of 1800-7000.
Academic Nursing Centers - Three nonprofit healthcare facilities managed by the College of Nursing.
Australian Nursing Council
Army Nurse Corps
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Arxiu Nacional de Catalunya
acid neutralizing capacity. A measure of the ability for water or soil to neutralize added acids. This is done by the reaction of hydrogen ions with inorganic or organic bases such as bicarbonate (HCO3-) or organic ions.
Acid Neutralisation Capacity. Ability of a solution to neutralise inputs of strong acid to a preselected equivalence. An important chemical parameter used in critical load calculations.
the property of water that reacts with an acid; replaces "alkalinity".
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Antenatal Care
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ancestor; ancestry anc/o ancestry of birth; born bef or before
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Ante Natal Clinic
Ascending Node Crossing, the point in the orbit path of a satellite, where the orbit crosses the equator and the spacecraft moves from South to North.
Active Noise Cancellation (Automotive).
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Airline News Center
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African National Congress
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All Number Calling; system of telephone numbering that uses seven digits within a Numbering Plan Area.
ancestry; ancestor; ancient