Definitions for "BEF"
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The currency of Belgium. ISO international currency code was BEF, until...
The ISO 4217 currency code for Belgium Franc.
Belgian Franc
Ballast Efficacy Factor. Relative light output (ballast factor) divided by input power (watts). Used to measure the level of efficiency of similar ballast models. For example, the OSRAM SYLVANIA QT2X32IS which has a ballast factor of 0.90 and input watts of 59 (BEF=1.53), is more efficient than competitors' electronic ballasts with ballast factor of 0.875 and input watts of 62 (BEF=1.41).
Ballast Efficiency Factor. A measure of light output per watt consumed by a given lighting system. BEF= % light output / input power (watts).
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British Expeditionary Force
Brightness Enhancing Film. Prism film that increases a display's brightness
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Beneficiary Encrypted File