Definitions for "WBC"
White Blood Cells. Infection-fighting cells carried in the blood to areas of infection and inflammation.
White Balance Control. Is a built-in automatic OR user-configurable feature. This term refers an electronic process used to retain crisp, vivid color saturation in the truest possible hues. The technology balances the image colors against a light colored object in the camera's view.
blood cells that engulf and digest bacteria and fungi; an important part of the body's defense system
War Bureau of Consultants (American), created by US Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson (unofficially WBC was a deliberate backwards spelling for Committee on Biological Warfare). The WBC first met in Washington on 18 November 1941 and decided to conduct a literature search on the threat of BW. Under the guidance of bacteriologist Dr. Edwin Fred, reported on 17 February 1942 that BW was distinctly possible and urged immediate defensive preparations. The WBC issued its second and final report in June 1942, in which it urged strongly for a US offensive research program.
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Abbreviation for orld oxing ouncil.
World Baseball Classic
World Boxing Council.
n. Acronym of World Boardgaming Championships (sponsored by BPA)
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Wideband Channel
WHOLE BODY COUNTING. In vivo determination of radionuclide activity levels in the human body. Used to determine compliance with the regulations of various governmental bodies regarding radiation exposure.
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Web Based Coaching