Definitions for "Counting"
Keywords:  sichi, roku, jyu, hachi, kyu
Ich (1), Ni (2), San (3), Chi (4), Go (5), Roku (6), Sichi (7), Hachi (8), Kyu (9), Jyu (10)
Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division
Counting is the mathematical action of repeatedly adding (or subtracting) one, usually to find out how many objects there are or to set aside a desired number of objects (starting with one for the first object and proceeding with an injective function from the remaining objects to the natural numbers starting from two). Counting is also used (primarily by children) to demonstrate knowledge of the number names and the number system. (In mathematics the term counting or enumeration also means finding the number of elements of a finite set.)
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See Card Counting
Keeping a mental record of the tiles played so you can calculate what is still in the bag and what is on your opponent's rack. See also TILE-TRACKING.
The ability of a player to keep an accurate mental record of the cards that have been played. Can allow players to have a relatively good idea of which cards remain in the shoe.
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the act of counting; "the counting continued for several hours"