Definitions for "Enumeration"
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A list of right or powers.
( Mens.) The counting, singly or together, of individuals of one or more species in a forest crop and their classification by species, size, condition, etc. ( BCFT modif.). Enumeration may be complete (total) or partial (sample); a partial enumeration may by carried out on separate sample plots or in strips or lines. See Survey, strip. Syn. Forest inventory; Stocktaking. Cf. Cruise; Survey, forest.
the act of counting; "the counting continued for several hours"
The 10-character field appearing after the call number in the online catalog ( STAR GATEWAY or DRA WEB2), where information on volume, year, and issue is entered.
The scheme used by a serial publication to identify distinct issues within a numerical sequence. Common enumeration elements are: volume/no. and month/year.
The nonchronological scheme used by publishers to identify an individual serial and to show the relationship of the individual unit of the serial to the series as a whole. For example, Volume 235 and Volume X are indicators of enumeration.
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a limited form of iterator because it is read-only and can only be advanced by one position at a time
a special case of an Iterator , when the iterator's remove method is not supported, and is now largely superseded by the more general concept
The process of iterating over all of the possible keys for a hash table or elements for an array. This is done using the ASP statement For Each as shown below:' iterate over all of the session variables Dim sKey For Each sKey In Session.Contents Response.Write sKey & " = " & Session(sKey) Response.Write "BR" Next
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a set of labels for easy use of mnemonic values
a set of labels that can be used for easy mnemonic access to commonly used values
In networked and distributed simulation, an enumeration is a means of identifying the type of an entity. In the Distributed Interactive Simulation standards the enumeration consists of seven fields: kind - The kind of the entity. Examples are platform, munition, lifeform, environment. domain - The domain in which the entity operates. Examples are land, air, surface. country - The country that the design of the entity can be attributed to. Examples are US, UK, CIS. category - The main category that describes the entity. Examples are tank, fighter, carrier. sub-category - The particular sub-category that this entity belongs to based upon the value of the category field. Examples are M1 Abrams, Tornado, Modified Kiev Class. specific - Specific information about the entity based upon the sub-category field. Examples are M1A1 Abrams, Tornado Mk 3, Admiral Gorshkov. extra - Additional information to specify a particular entity. See also Distributed Interactive Simulation, Model Map.
a function, and so doesn't really have cardinality
Not only do all Variables in L2 have a discrete domain, these domains are finite, and have small cardinalities as well. An Enumeration is the domain of some Variable.
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The number or numbers shown at the end of a Clue to indicate the length of the Answer. For example, Mason-Dixon Line might have (5-5, 4) as its enumeration.
noting the number of items one by one
the number(s) in parentheses or brackets following the title of a puzzle giving the lengths of the words in the solution (and sometimes other information, such as capitalization). Link to puzzle guidelines article.
A recapitulation, in the peroration, of the heads of an argument.
The assignment of a Social Security Account Number by the Social Security Office. See Social Security Number
Social security number verification from the Social Security Administration. See ACES User Manual
The process of assigning a HIN to a customer account.
The act of enumerating, making separate mention, or recounting.
The tactic of mapping out your network topology, size, services, etc. for the purpose of finding your weaknesses and ultimately a point of entry. There are freely available tools on the Internet that anyone can download and use.
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The process by which, during startup, the operating system identifies Plug and Play devices by creating unique device IDs and reporting those IDs to Device Manager.
The phase of a robot's operation in which it seeks for resources, including extracting and following hypertext links.
an interface, meaning that it simply describes methods that must be present in any class that implements the interface
an interface that allows you to retrieve each element from the set and operate it
a conjunction domain relation in which all of the conjuncts have equal status.