Definitions for "Subset"
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a set whose members are members of another set; a set contained within another set
an example of a "backing view," that is, it's not a copy of elements in the original set, but an actual view of the set that filters out some elements
a portion of a set
A box containing the parts known as a Network and usually a Ringer. The Network consists of proper apparatus to boost speech sounds for transmission to the telephone line, to separate undulating currents to the Receiver, and to signal incoming calls if so equipped.
The designation the National Exchange Carrier Association uses to categorize its members according to size. Subset 1 includes Bell operating companies, subset 2 includes the large independent local exchange carriers with $40 million or more in annual telephone revenues and subset 3 includes all other local exchange with less than $40 million in annual telephone revenues.
A subset is the smallest installable component of a product kit for the setld utility. It contains files of any type, usually related in some way.
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a defined by a meta class
A section of a full image scene which can be conveniently stored and processed.
a collection of atoms from a single molecule.