Definitions for "Boost"
The difference in pressure between barometric and intake manifold on a turbocharged system
Turbo-charger forces air into combustion chamber with pressure that is much higher than atmospheric pressure. On most road-going cars equipped with turbo, this boost is limited under one bar but race cars go well beyond that.
To Increase. also see: AKA: Antonym: Source:
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To lift or push from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb); to push up; hence, to assist in overcoming obstacles, or in making advancement.
A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help.
(slang) raise;(slang) bid in the bope of pushing the opponents to a higher contract.
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A halfpipe term to describe catching air off a jump.
A term used to describe catching air off of a jump. e.g. "He boosted ten feet out of the halfpipe."
An additional dose of radiation given to a smaller volume, usually the local excision site, after the remainder of the breast has been irradiated.
A supplemental amount of radiation that is used in the event of extra capsular penetration by the cancer (meaning the cancer has spread outside the gland). Boost refers to the use of external beam radiation before the seed implant to maximize the patient’s cancer treatment.
An additional dose of radiation that is given after an initial course of radiation to enhance tumor control.
a collection of course notes, analytical tools, strategy frameworks, article summaries, and more designed to maximize your business school education
a collection of management course notes, analytical tools, strategy frameworks, article summaries, and more designed to enhance your business knowledge
Boost is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury, and sold in the UK and Australia. Its wrapper says that it consists of milk chocolate with caramel and biscuit filling. The wrapper also claims that Boost is "Charged with glucose."
A large set of sophisticated, free, peer-reviewed, portable C++ source libraries, several of which are likely to make it into the C++ standard when it gets revised. The libraries range the gamut from compile-time pre-requisite checking to smart pointers, from regular expressions to threading, from wrapping C++ in python to an improved iostream interface. See the project site for details. See Also , python.
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A move in which the swimmer rises rapidly out of the water, head first, bringing as much of the body as possible above the surface.
Developing big air off a takeoff. Most commonly associated with boosting out of the pipe-airing far above the deck of the pipe. Pop, when a rider makes movements to get into the air and go big
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A set of prime powers which provide support for each in other in a cycle. For example, 43^2 supports 631, 631 supports 79, and 79^2 supports 43, so 43^2 79^2 631 is a boost. When searching for an MPFN, if a candidate number contains 43 and 79 once each, replacing them with 43^2 79^2 631 will produce another likely candidate.
the act of giving hope or support to someone
an outstanding disease prevention product, and the sale price makes it more affordable
a wonderful product, and the sale price makes it more affordable
detail hectare noticeable series vocational
an excellent adjunct for any process that involves DNA activation
contribute to the progress or growth of; "I am promoting the use of computers in the classroom"
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give a boost to; be beneficial to; "The tax cut will boost the economy"
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a change of velocity
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Boost is an energy drink brand that is produced within the United Kingdom by the company of the same name. The company Boost, currently has four different brands.
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See buck and boost.
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The second phase of a treatment. This treatment is usually to a smaller area and may be given on a different machine.
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For other uses, see Boost.