Definitions for "X-ray"
originally, any of the rays produced when cathode rays strike upon surface of a solid (as a copper target or the wall of the vacuum tube); now defined as electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength of 0.1 to 10 nanometers. X-rays are noted for their penetration of many opaque substances, as wood and flesh, their action on photographic plates, and their fluorescent effects. They were called X rays by their discoverer, W. K. Röntgen, but were also referred to for some time as Roentgen rays. The term X-ray has become the most common designation. They also ionize gases, but cannot be reflected, or polarized, or deflected by a magnetic field. They are used in examining objects opaque to visible light, as for imaging bones or other structures inside the human body, and for detecting flaws in metal objects, such as in welds.
to examine by means of X-rays; to irradiate with X-rays.
Electromagnetic radiation of short wavelength used to penetrate tissues and record densities on film. Sometimes used to aid in diagnosis of LSDs.
a commonly used test that is best suited to evaluating the bones and your skeleton
a painless process that uses radioactive materials to take pictures of bone
a photograph of your body, showing your bones
an imitation of the Creator's eyes
an object in itself, one that would have it's own creator and possibly its own institutional refid
an email header filter and POP/SMTP server switching tool
a tool a doctor may use to confirm your diagnosis
a useful diagnostic tool available for visualization of structures within the body
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see Radiography
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SF radio call sign for the LLDB. Can also mean the letter X
military phonetic for the letter 'X'
Form of irradiation once used for hair removal, but proven potentially lethal in the 1940's and now banned in the U.S.
a scoliosis nutrition lateral spine fusion
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a marvelous technology, and a CAT-scan more marvelous yet
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See Radiographic Inspection (RT).
a two dimensional representation and the decay of an abutment particularly around the margin will slip right past
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a name given to the most energetic of these particles
a simple procedure that needs no special preparation
a particular procedure used to evaluate organs in addition to structures in the body