Definitions for "Nodular"
Having the shape of, or composed of, small, roundish lumps.
Spherical, in the shape of a small rounded lump.
in the form of small knobs or nodules, small knob-like projections.
Of or pertaining to a nodule or knot.
Having nodules or in the form of a nodule or knot.
(tends to grow "down" into deeper skin tissue rather than along the surface of the skin. A very aggressive form of melanoma). This tumor represents 10-30% of melanoma cases.
Term commonly used to describe a pebbly (rough) texture of a callus.
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Bumpy. See the entire definition of Nodular
Nodular is a methodology plus a set of utilities to model data and convert between data formats .
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Characterized by nodules.
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having nodules or occurring in the form of nodules; "nodular ores"