Definitions for "Lumpy"
Keywords:  uneven, jumpy, moniker, gravy, ceo
If a CEO says revenues or orders were "lumpy," it means sales were uneven during the quarter, marked potentially by weeks of low order rates and days of high order rates. Listen to learn why sales were lumpy. Is this normal for the company, or is some new happening
having lumps; not smooth and even in texture; "lumpy gravy"
A newbie dealer. He's a little jumpy and a little uneven so he's earned his lumpy moniker. But he's also not a master at his craft so some say the odds are a little more tilted in the players direction.
Full of lumps, or small compact masses; as, a lumpy bed; a lumpy batch of dough.
like or containing small stick lumps; "the dumplings were chunky pieces of uncooked dough"
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When there is an onshore wind the waves tend to have lots of lumps and bumbs where you might not want them
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Lumpy is a Python module that generates UML diagrams from a running Python program.