Definitions for "moniker"
The name of a person, especially an alias or a nickname.
One’s name on the FC board. Monikers are multifaceted. Not only do they spare one the damage of posting one’s real name on the board, but they often allow one to develop a personality which exists only on the board. Some monikers are relatively straight forward, while others are full of double entendre and built-in trolling. Some people have been known to register, use and post under literally hundreds of monikers, adding strength to the speculation that most crazy people have internet access.
Your Forum User Name. Also the first name of a woman in New York.
a COM object that creates and initializes one other object, returning a pointer to it
a COM object that knows how to create and initialize the content of a single COM object instance
a COM standard mechanism for encapsulating the location and binding of another COM object
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See link path.