Definitions for "Name space"
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The set of possible names allowed in a given environment. The POSIX name space, which follows hierarchical file system syntax (i.e., \sys\pub\myfile) is distinct from the MPE/iX name space, which follows MPE naming rules (i.e., MYFILE.PUB.SYS).
Each time you want to add a different type of machine in a network, such as a Macintosh, an OS/2-based machine, or a UNIX based machine, you have to provide for file compatibility with the network operating system. You do this with name spaces loaded on the file server (as NLMs with NetWare) that regulate the cross-network conversation that take place.
The scope within which a name provides the intended identification. Here is an analogy: given names are intended to uniquely identify members of a family; in this case, the name space is the family.
a collection of objects that are assigned unique names
A logical subdivision of a program within which all names must be unique
The logical area of the dictionary in which definition names are stored.
a declarative region that attaches an additional identifier to any names declared inside it
a set of rules that defines how all network users and resources are named and identified
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the set of all names recognized by a name service
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an ordered list of frames
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All of the possible names in a domain, whether used or not.