Definitions for "Distinguished name"
The fully qualified name of a directory entry. It specifies both an entry's location in the directory tree and its name.
A distinguished name uniquely identifies an entry in the directory. A DN is made up of relative distinguished names ( RDNs) of the entry and each of the entry's parent entries, up to the root of the directory tree. RDNs are usually separated by commas and optional spaces. For example: 'uid=JohnDoe, ou=People, dc=company, dc=com'.
A special attribute that uniquely identifies an entry. Used as a label to "distinguish" it from any other entry. Made up of a list of attribute names and values. Example: "cn=John Smith, o=General Dynamics, c=US"
a comma separated list of attribute value pairs and is read from right to left (usually represented as a string)
a sequence of attributes and values
(Calendar Server Administrator's Guide; search in this book)