Definitions for "USERID"
The unique name given to (or chosen by) a user on some Web sites and commercial systems. The User ID and sometimes an accompanying password is used by the service to allow access to the system and/or to track information about you.
A string of letters and/or numbers (e.g., your name) that uniquely identifies you online. Your userID is also the first part of your e-mail address. For your protection, every userID has an associated password.
a unique identifier of a user in the system
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User Identification
usually your first initial and last name, as assigned to you by Technology Services. Also the first part of your e-mail address.
The number that is assigned to you when you register. It can be found at the end of your referral link.
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The name you use to login to another computer.
The login ids on the ACCC's retired VM/CMS system, which were a U followed by a five digit number greater than 08191. See also User. See also Netid.
USER NAME : The name you use to log in to another computer.
(short for user id entification) The name used to identify a user to a computer system, as when a user logs onto a computer system.
User ID the name allocated to users when they receive their Internet account, used to log in
A command line argument that allows you to specify your ORACLE username and password with an optional SQL*Net address.
(SQL*Plus User's Guide and Reference; search in this book)
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a license to use the Site for a period of time which is specified
How the network associates the person with their resources.