Definitions for "DDNS"
Stands for Dynamic DNS services. A service that allows you to dynamically (automatically) upload your current IP information (when a change in IP information has been detected such as a new IP address assigned vie DHCP) to a repository that will automatically modifies your assigned friendly name (domain name or URL) to reflect the new IP information. Used for proper friendly name to IP address translation. An example of an IP address is An example of a friendly name or URL is
(Dynamic Domain Name System) - The capability of having a website, FTP, or e-mail server-with a dynamic IP address-use a fixed domain name.
Dynamic Domain Name System. Allows for a dynamic or constantly changing IP address to be assigned to a networked device while allowing the associated domain name for that device to remain unchanged. The device in many cases is a server that provides information to clients. While an IP address must be assigned to the server, an optional domain name can be used to identify the device. For example, is a server whose IP address is If that IP address changes, DDNS will correctly map the new IP address to