Definitions for "Domain Names"
A series of words separated by dots identifying an IP address. Example
Domain names allow people to find information on the Internet. Just as postcodes are used for particular street names, computers connected to the Internet have unique numerical addresses so that electronic information is delivered to the right place. A domain name is a more user-friendly way of finding a website, rather than typing in a numerical computer address. A registered trade mark may not mean freedom to use the same mark as a domain name, because the same mark may be registered as a trade mark by different proprietors for different goods/services. Someone else may also have legitimately registered the mark as their domain name. Nominet UK is the Registry for United Kingdom Internet domain names and it provides a Dispute Resolution Service for domain name conflicts. See Cyber Squatting.
A domain name is a unique address on the Internet. Also referred to as Internet name or Internet address.Domain names are also referred to as Uniform Resource Locaters or URLs. Example of a domain name: