Definitions for "Domain Name Registration"
The process of registering a particular domain name to be used for commercial or non-commercial web site.
The first step in building a web site is registering a domain name. Whether you register your name with a registrar or your web host (who will register your domain name through a registrar for you) is merely a matter of convenience and preference. When a name is registered you are purchasing the right to the use of that name for the agreed amount of years at registration, usually 1-10 years. No one else may use that name with your specified extension (.com, .net) until you either let the name expire or you sell it to someone else.
In order for visitors to find your website using the domain name of your choice, you need to do two things, both of which are handled by Big Hostinc. First, you need to reserve your domain name . Second you need to provide the nameserver of your domain name. If you order any of our Web hosting plans or want to park your domain name, we will handle the above process for free. If you are not yet ready to have a website but want to reserve just the name, Bighostinc can handle that as well. This is a good idea since domain names are going fast.
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The process of reserving a unique Web addresses (universal resource locators - URLs) that can be used to refer to the company web site.
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Glossary of Terms
A test used to compare performance of hardware and/or software.