Definitions for "URLs"
Internet addresses (uniform resource locators)
The World Wide Web addressing method. URLs consist of three parts: the type of Internet service used; the name of the computer on which the information or service resides; and the specific request. For example, in the address ``,'' "http:'' is the Internet service used, ``'' is the name of the computer on the Web being contacted, and "zasny/'' is the request. (This is the URL for Zurich-American Insurance Co.)
Uniform Resource Locators (sometimes known as Universal Resource Locators) also referred to as a location or address is the global term for a ëplaceí or ëfileí you can visit on the Internet. URLs specify the location of Internet resources. Generally, a URL has the syntax protocol: //host/filepath. For example, that the protocol is http and the host is the path & filename is /olsu/projects/index.html
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