Definitions for "Query String"
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The extended string of a URL after the standard Web site address. This data begins with a question mark and usually contains the search information requested by the user. The Web site uses this "string" to provide the requested information to the user.
The parameters passed to an HTTP server as part of a URL. A query string is used with the GET method and, in a URL, follows the resource location and name.
A Query String is the portion of a URL that is used to "pass variables" to a Web server. It begins with a question mark and is comprised of Name-Value Pairs of Parameters and their values. Example: This is a URL without a Query String: And this is a URL with a Query String: In this example the query string is?productID=1&c1=ppc&source=adwords&kw=widgets An example name-value pair is productID=1 (the parameter is " productID" and the value is ""). There are four name-value pairs and these are separated by ampersands. If you wanted to add an additional name-value pair you would simply place another ampersand and a name-value pair at the end of the Query String.
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a good place to store data if, for example, you want the user to be able to bookmark the page
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This displays the query info from referring pages (How are visitors finding your site?)
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Information that is passed to a cgi script to do what the user requests.
The word or phrase you pass to a Web search engine.