Definitions for "Uniform Resource Identifier"
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A character string used to identify a resource (such as a file) from anywhere on the Internet by type and location. The term 'URL' (Uniform Resource Locator) is a specific type of URI. A Jabber ID can be represented as a URI by prepending the "xmpp:" scheme.
A short string that uniquely identifies a resource such as an HTML document, an image, a down-loadable file, a service, or an electronic mailbox.
The method used to identify the locations of content on the Internet. The URL (uniform resource locator) is a particular form of a URI that identifies a Web page address. A URI typically describes (a) the mechanism used to access the resource (for example, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP), (b) the specific computer where the resource is stored (for example,, and the specific name of the resource on the computer (for example .../products/images/serv.jpg).
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