Definitions for "Domain Pointing"
Domain Name Pointers are used to redirect existing virtual domain accounts that are on XtrTech's servers to another existing virtual account that is already on our server or from one directory/file in an existing account to another directory/file in an existing account. Domain Pointing is helpful if you want to point another domain name to a sub-directory of an existing account. You MUST have an account for both the domain that you are pointing from and the domain that you are pointing to in order to use domain pointing. If you want to "park" another domain under your account and have it go to your same website, that is called Domain Parking and that is FREE with all accounts after the one time $25 set-up fee. URL Forwarding is can be used when you want a Sub Domain (ie that will point to a subdirectory of your main domain name ( This enables you to just edit one website. Sub Domains are also a very inexpensive alternative to another domain name since they do not have to be registered! More information on Sub Domains Included with all plans
Allows multiple domains to be pointed at the same website. For example you may have a domain of but also another domain of Domain pointing allows you to have as many domains as you like pointed to the same website at no extra cost, but they will all be pointed to the same first page of your website. You can modify the htaccess file to redirect the url to its own index page free of charge which any web developer worth their money will know how to do. This will allow you to have multiple web sites for one hosting fee only.
The referring of one IP to another IP. A common example is when you type in one Internet Address, and another Address almost immediately appears.