Definitions for "URL"
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( niform esource ocator) - an address used to locate pages on the World Wide Web.
Uniform Resource Locator
Uniform/Universal Resource Locator. A draft standard for specifying an object on the Internet, such as a file or newsgroup. URLs are used extensively on the World-Wide Web. Examples include: news:sfsu.general mailto:[email protected]
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1/2å(tm)¨ VB - VTR
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Underground Research Laboratory.
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User's query
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(Application Developer's Guide - XML; search in this book)
Upper range limit. The highest value of a measured variable that a device can be adjusted to measure. (This value corresponds to the top of the range.)
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What is a URL? / URL definition
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That is something you can click on.
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A unique identifier for data.
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see domain.