Definitions for "Domain Aliasing"
The method by which a domain is aliased (pointed to), not an individual server, but an account within that server. For example, if you wanted to start a company, which provides a service on the internet, you will find it's very expensive to have a computer actually siting on the internet. It's more cost-effective for startups to do domain aliasing, and have your site name (i.e. point to a web page in your personal directory. So, you could alias to
This feature allows you to have multiple domain names pointed to a different domain, i.e. can redirect customers to This redirection is entirely performed at the DNS-level, and does not involve any kind of CGI script. It's fast, reliable and will work with any type of web browser. And, because this feature is implemented at the DNS-level, all FTP and email addresses associated with your alias will also be redirected as well.
Someone simply types in your new address ( and his browser automatically sends him to your primary web site ( The redirection is performed at DNS level and does not involve any CGI script, meaning it's fast, reliable and will work with any web browser. Due to the fantastic speed of servers there is absolutely minimal delay involved and what's more - your original address will still work perfectly too! This is simply an alias; it doesn't change or alter your existing address or web site in any way at all. Furthermore, since Domain Alias is implemented on Domain Name Server, so all ftp connections are forwarded to your domain name and e-mails are delivered to your mailbox associated with your domain name ([email protected]).