Definitions for "Domain Name"
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A Domain Name is what makes your name different from everyone else. For example, the 'yahoo' portion of is a Domain Name. Your domain will also be unique.
A designation which is reserved for exclusive use by a person or organization throughout the Internet. In the URL:, is my domain name. Dot com: The pronunciation of the following component of many commercial URLs: .com com represents the fact that the owner of the domain is a commercial organization. As a general rule, it is a good idea for churches to use a Dot Org [.org] domain name. Example:
The text name that refers to a grouping of networks or network resources based on organization-type or geography; for example: - commercial; - educational; - government; - network provider (such as an ISP); - Argentina; - Australia; and so on.
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Hyperlink Network Webmaster
The hierarchical identification of a host system (in a network), consisting of human-readable labels, separated by decimals.
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Java / Java Script SMTP
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The speed rate of a data channel - expressed as bits per second (bps) - which is usually used when referring to the speed of modems.
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The organization, company, or ISP of the visiting user
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Glossary of Terms
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A mechanism that improves the time it takes to find things on a disk.
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Log File User Agent