Definitions for "DNS server"
Domain Name System server. A computer that keeps a database of domain names and their corresponding IP addresses. When a computer sends a domain name to a DNS server, the server returns the IP address for that domain. The Domain Name System is a mechanism used in the Internet or Intranet for translating names to host computers into addresses. DNS allows host computers not directly on the Internet to have registered names in the same style. DNS allows you to use the Internet without remembering long lists of numbers.
The server containing information for name resolution involved in mapping computer IP addresses to their domain name.
A computer maintained by an ISP that matches IP addresses to host names. Some ISPs provide a specific DNS address.
a program that participates in the task of providing this sevice
a recommended host to ping because it should always be running and accessible
a program that, when queried, returns authoritative answers for the zones for which it's authoritative