Definitions for "Forwarder"
Keywords:  offsite, query, dns, firewall, resolves
1. A DNS server that re-directs queries to other DNS servers and sends the responses back to the DNS client. 2. In Windows XP, a kernel mode service that checks packets for filters before routing them through the appropriate interface.
a DNS server designated by other internal DNS servers to be used to forward queries for resolving external or offsite DNS domain names
a DNS server that forwards external queries to appropriate DNS servers
one who transmits goods; a forwarding merchant, such as a freight forwarder.
The party arranging the shipping of goods including associated services and / or necessary formalities on behalf and on order of a shipper / consignee.
See Freight Forwarder.
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A special vehicle with a cradle or bunk or trailer used to forward logs. Usually it is equipped with its own log loader device and may be tracked or wheeled. Most commonly works with a CTL harvester.
a tracked or rubber tired machine consisting of a power
A machine commonly used with a short-wood system that transports wood in the forest while completely supporting it.
an alias for a difficult to remember, or otherwise
a simple alias that forwards to a single email address, it is not an actual account
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Foul Bill of Lading FPA
a client smalltalk object whose state and behavior are actually in GemStone
The logical entity within a router that is responsible for switching packets among the router's interfaces. The Forwarder also makes the decisions to queue a packet for local delivery, to queue a packet for transmission out another interface, or both.
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an automated service to forward mail addressed to one email address to another
an e-mail address that forwards mail to another e-mail address of your choice
This feature indicates that you can automatically forward incoming emails to another email account.
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One who forwards or promotes; a promoter.
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One employed in forwarding.
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One who sends forward anything;