Definitions for "BOL"
Mandatory paperwork providing the driver and the truck line with all the details they need to process the shipment and bill correctly.
Bill of Lading. a commercial shipping document that serves three distinct purposes in connection with the carriage of goods. Itemized list of goods contained in a shipment. It is a receipt of the goods. It represents the contract for carriage and services as a document of title.
Bill of Lading.transport or Document used to acknowledge receipt of goods; may also be used to serve as a contract for the cargo.
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syllables of text or tAla compositions
The mnemonic syllables
Units of meaningful as well as meaningless sound-syllables used to elaborate musical ideas.
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Text of the lyrics
traditional lyrics, usually only two or three lines long. Folk singers often carry on a contest/conversation as each sings different bol. Perhaps the closest equvalent is some forms of rap.
A Swedish CHAFF countermeasures dispenser for aircraft self-protection. An electromechanical drive mechanism feeds the payload packs towards the rear of the dispenser, where one pack at a time is released into the air stream, creating a large chaff cloud in a very short time. BOL can carry IR ( e.g., HOT CHAFF) or RF chaff, and a boasts a high capacity payload ( e.g., 160 packs per dispenser), giving pilots a sustained defensive capability.
A bookstore on the Internet created as a joint venture of German publisher Bertelsmann and French publisher Havas. It is designed to be pan-European with a Web site available in various local languages.
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Bruin OnLine) A suite of software programs designed to help UCLA students, faculty, and staff set up their computer to use the campus network and the Internet. BOL is available for all the latest PC and Apple operating systems
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Bowl common male name of Lacandon Maya - see Cast of Characters
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Best Of Luck
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Oak Lawn Branch Library
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Begin Of Life
Beginning Of Life.
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