Definitions for "Sequence"
(1) : Series of motives restated at ascending or descending pitch levels. (2) The medieval sequence is an important category of Gregorian chant where a series of text couplets, eventually rhymed poetry, was set syllabically. The most famous example is the Dies irae .
A composition based on progressive repetition, i.e. AA BB CC DD EE
repetition of a melodic idea at a higher or lower pitch
Three or more cards of the same suit in immediately consecutive order of value; as, ace, king, and queen; or knave, ten, nine, and eight.
All five cards, of a hand, in consecutive order as to value, but not necessarily of the same suit; when of one suit, it is called a sequence flush.
A combination of three or more cards in numerical order or ranking order, 9-10-J, A-2-3-4.
The state of being sequent; succession; order of following; arrangement.
Simple succession, or the coming after in time, without asserting or implying causative energy; as, the reactions of chemical agents may be conceived as merely invariable sequences.
A melodic phrase or passage successively repeated one tone higher; a rosalia.
A collection of shorter scenes that tell a larger part of the movie (e.g. a car chase, a heist, a prom).
a series of shots or scenes which has a beginning, middle and end (like a chapter in a book).
A series of segments of a film narrative edited together and unified by a common setting, time, event or story-line.
Any succession of chords (or harmonic phrase) rising or falling by the regular diatonic degrees in the same scale; a succession of similar harmonic steps.
a succession of terms formed according to a rule, in which there is a definite relation between one term and the next and between each term and its position in the sequence, e.g. 1, 4, 9, 16, 25, etc.
film consisting of a succession of related shots that develop a given subject in a movie
a collection of Tracks that run simultaneously
a growable collection, implemented using a vector
a growable collection which uses an underlying vector, making a new vector when it fills
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A hymn introduced in the Mass on certain festival days, and recited or sung immediately before the gospel, and after the gradual or introit, whence the name.
a short hymn-like choral sequence performed in the mass on certain feast days
a string between two "markers", along with a list of exceptions
a string of contexts
a string of pages that are read (paged in) consecutively
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often a term for a song or a chordal pattern.
a data structure containing musical information (often an entire song or composition
See MIDI sequence.
a gene marker for herbicide resistance or antibiotic resistance, for example selected from the group consisting of hygromycin, kanamycin, chloramphenicol, bleomycin, puromycin, lincomycin and methotrexate resistance genes, e
a host-selectable or an assayable gene marker
an artifact and probably represents either a novel variant of IQD -like genes or an ancestral gene of the IQD genes found in vascular plants
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Starting maps and sequences is relatively simple; finishing them will require new strategies or a combination of existing methods. (IOOakRidge) Seqüência Nos mamíferos, os centrômeros podem ser a repetição continuada de uma mesma seqüência. (POFapesp2)
a regulatory code akin to the genetic code "but infinitely more complicated," says Michael Eisen, a computational biologist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in California
a regulatory site for glnG product activation, the K
a cis-acting and orientation dependent determinant required for normal plasmid replication
a complicated set of instructions that appears to have a long history of replications, and therefore contains an abundance of pseudogenes
a generic treatment that can be replicated several times with equivalent materials
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an issue with RNAi," Usman said
That which follows or succeeds as an effect; sequel; consequence; result.
analysis An observational technique in which the antecedents and consequences of the student's behaviors are studied.
a short block of key frame poses, such as one cycle of a walk
Interpolate images between stored frames (tweening).
many frames comprising one action
a difficult pattern recognition problem
a user created object that generates numbers according to a specific pattern
a pattern of cascade anomalies. In some instances, the constellation of anomalies may be explained by a single, localized aberration in organogenesis (malformation, disruption, or deformation)leading to secondary effects in other organs.
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diagram=a diagram showing the sequence of messages passed between objects to achieve a given usecase. [ uml.seq.gif
a diagram that traces the progression of the core classes
a discovery as opposed to an invention and should not be patentable," he said
a little like the discovery of a preexisting part of the human body
a chain of numbers generated by a particular rule
a configurable number of cycles
a family over the natural numbers
Two choirs or singers singing alternating stanzas.
A list-like data structure that can contain any item or value, including other sequences. See also structure and attribute access facility.
a complex type that contains other types, a bit like a C structure
a property of its special folded structure
SimpleString An indication from the provider of the relative sequence of this valuation to a previous valuation in another MDDL document.
a human "blueprint" and contains "all the information which makes us human" (reviewed in ref
a milestone toward understanding how humans have evolved, because it opens the door to large-scale comparative studies
a right of all humans as it belongs to everyone, and thus should not belong privately to anyone
a major accomplish that could end decades of controversy
a major influence on CAG stability
a subdivision of a major in which there are specific requirements
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a graphic sonnet in the sky, a poem with six dimensions of freedom
a group of five or six exercises, each for a different body part
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(1) all calls made in an auction;(2) an auction;(3) two or more cards of adjacent ranks.
Sequence is a board-and-card game distributed by Jax Ltd., Inc.. It involves an average-sized playing board, on which are depicted two packs' worth of cards (minus the Jacks), two full standard decks, red, blue and green playing chips which total 135.
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a relatively straightforward process
simultaneously standard subsume surprise
a more broadly conceived course of study designed to meet the educational needs of counsellors who might practice in a variety of settings, ranging from community based agencies to schools of post-secondary institutions
a keyframe-based timeline for modifying an individual value in the Value Table
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another name for a chow
a measure of the mutagenicity of the agent and metabolites of it present in the tested tissue
a computationally intensive process
a very difficult task, like finding a needle in a mountainous biological haystack
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An edited composition that often includes audio and video clips and rendered effects connected by applied
A structured collection of video, audio, graphic clips, edit information, and effects.
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An integrated, reliable computer system developed by the Exchange to deliver a wider range of better quality trading and information services to market participants. The SEAQ, SEATS and SEAQ international trading service operate on the new system.
The Sequence programme has been developed over recent years by the Stock Exchange to provide a fully electronic trading and information service to its market participants. Sequence 6, the final phase, took effect on 27 August 1996, establishing a technical platform to link all markets together; it is the trade reporting vehicle for gilts, corporate bonds, domestic and international equities.
a restriction fragment isolated from a cDNA library
A sequence is a list of steps performed as part of a run.
One or more steps within an Integration Server FLOW service. A sequence FLOW step groups other FLOW steps into a group.
an important step in the development of RT-PCR procedures in this model
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a vast resource
A Sequence is a data type similar to a structure, but multi-valued. It is possible to think of a Sequence as an array of Structure values. Unlike an Array, however, only one value of the Sequence, corresponding to the Sequence state is available at any one time.
a chain of maneuvers that includes the set-up or preliminary action and follows through to a pinning hold in most cases
an array of Action arrays
A portion or all of the elements held by a container. A sequence is usually described by a range.
A gradual transition from one area to another within a landscape. A landscape with sequence has one element changing at a time rather than several changes at once. A landscape with a coarse textured plant next to a fine textured plant is an example of bad sequence.
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The term given to a group of heats processed through a caster.
a highly scalable, non-blocking ID generator
a function on N
a protein's three-dimensional topography, which in turn determines function
a special case of a function
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a suspended ribbon of coiled steel and colored glass
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a pair of courses in the same department in which one is a prerequisite for the other
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The sequence of veneer leaves within a bundle and the complete log.
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a following of one thing after another in time; "the doctor saw a sequence of patients"
The minimum 18 credits required in each of two disciplines for a liberal degree program.
an interface that you must implement and it serves as the source for the data to be plotted
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a logical concept in which time doesn't really enter at all
a chain of events that occurs as a result of a single abnormality or problem
a very early processing event in the organism
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a rapidly developing art
a set of terminals and non-terminals that must match the input stream, starting at the current position
A set of music performance commands (notes and controller data) stored in a sequencer.
Two or more positions or skills which are performed together creating a different skill or activity.
a type of derivative video asset created from simple video assets
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Units 3 and 4 in a study must be done as a sequence in the one year if you require a Study Score.
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a result of an expression
A program that combines two or more operations at a single location.
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a table for many purposes, including this one
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See base sequence.