Definitions for "Wild Card"
selection #68 which provides five (5) points, regardless of age. Showcases predictive skill and gains extra points for selections over the age of 60, who would otherwise be worth four points or less. The Wild Card was invented by Binky Brown in 1971. For the record for the most Consecutive Wild Cards, click here.
A joker or standard card that, by player agreement and/or dealer's choice, can be used to represent any card desired.
A card that can serve as any other card in making your hand. For example, if tens are wild, and you have four aces and a ten, then your hand is five aces. Obviously wild cards make for some odd games.
In computer (software) technology, a wildcard character can be used to substitute for any other character or characters in a string. The asterisk (*) usually substitutes as a wildcard character for any zero or more characters, and the question mark (?) usually substitutes as a wildcard character for any one character, as in the CP/M, DOS, Microsoft Windows and POSIX (Unix) shells. (In Unix this is referred to as glob expansion.) In SQL, the wildcard characters are percent (%) for zero or more characters, and underscore (_) for one character. In many regular expression implementations, the period (.) is the wildcard character for a single character.
a character which can be appended to the root of a word so that you can search for all possible endings
a mark that tells the search engine to look for any words or numbers that include the letters and numbers indicated, plus others
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Wired Pair Woolworth's WPT
a player let by organizers to play in a tournament, even if his/her rank is not adequate or does not register in time
Irrespective of their positions in the rankings, an organizer can invite one or more players to take part in a tournament, offering them wildcards.
a prediction that is not easily extrapolated from today's information, like mutative, rather than adaptive, evolution
a fantastically useful thing to have, because it can be used for just about any purpose
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A team that has been given a play-off spot because it has the best record among the teams that have not won a division.
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an event that only has a small chance of occurring, but if it does, is going to occur suddenly and with great impact
In pattern matching, an element in a pattern which can match any element in the equivalent section of the list being matched. See also Set-Value Variable, Use-Value Variable.