Definitions for "WILDCARDS"
are special symbols that can be used to search for any number of significant characters. Similar to DOS wildcards.
Wildcards are special characters that are used as placeholders for other characters. A wildcard is used where another character(s) is expected but it is not known what that character(s) will be. MailRules recognises the two wildcards commonly used in Windows. The question mark character (?) is used to represent any single unknown character. For example: ma?h will match both "math" and "mash" and any other 4 character string starting with 'ma' and ending in 'h'. But, "mathematics" would not match, because the word is too long. The asterix character (*) is used to represent any number of unknown characters. For example: ma* will match math, matchbox or any other series of characters as long as the string starts with 'ma'. See Also Advanced Outbound Rule Alias Check Times Datasource Distribution List Exception Rule Inbound Rules ISP Mail Client MAPI Outbound Rule Rule Name SMTP/POP Working Folder
Symbols used to replace a letter within a keyword to broaden a database search. For example 'wom?n' will search for the words 'woman' and 'women'.
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