Definitions for "String literal"
A string enclosed within single quotes.
Or literal string, string constant. A string of characters enclosed with double quotation marks ("). Any character from the source character set is allowed, except that a double quotation mark inside the string must be preceded by the backslash, or escape, character (\). Like other constants, string literals do not change in a program. See also character constant.
a double-quote delimited sequence of zero or more printable characters, whitespace, and escape characters
a direct representation of the low-level 'string' data primitive in JavaScript
A string literal is the representation of a string value within the source code of a computer program. There exist numerous alternate notations for specifying string literals, and the exact notation depends on the individual programming language in question. Nevertheless, there are some general guidelines that most modern programming languages follow.
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a primary expression
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a reference to a String object