Definitions for "Character class"
a list of acceptable characters for the next single character of the matched string
a list of symbols between square brackets and matches any single character that matches on of the symbols inside the brackets
an expression that matches one of a defined set of characters
A named set of characters sharing an attribute associated with the name of the class. The classes and the characters that they contain are dependent on the value of the LC_CTYPE category in the current locale. X/Open.
In a regular expression, a character class is an atom that matches a set of characters. Character classes may be classical Perl character classes, Unicode character classes, or user-defined character classes.
The profession the player has chosen for his or her character in a game. (D&D 1)
a clever wildcard defined by you
a refinement of the wildcard concept
an atom R that identifies a set of characters C(R)
a shorthand notation for a sum of single-character regexps
a special notation for describing lists of characters that have a specific attribute, but the actual characters can vary from country to country and/or from character set to character set
an archetype - it immediately communicates its narrative framework to the audience
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This article contains specifics about 3rd and later editions that are not true of earlier editions.
an escape sequence that represents a group of characters
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a special kind of pattern
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a list of acceptable characters for the next single character of the file name
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a group of one or multiple characters
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a name for one or more characters