Definitions for "Magician"
One skilled in magic; one who practices the black art; an enchanter; a necromancer; a sorcerer or sorceress; a conjurer.
An entertainer who produces seemingly magical effects by clever illusions; most magicians admit that the craft is mere illusion, rather than a true supernatural art.
a classic way to entertain and enthrall the young and the young at heart when it comes to hosting a birthday party
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a reconstructionist
Most commonly used in reference to one following a system of Ceremonial or High Magick.
One who practices magic (or magick), either for religious or secular purposes.
one who practices magic or sorcery
Magician: one of the twelve major archetypes that must be mastered, integrated & balanced in the process of clearing the negative ego; one must transcend the lower expression of the each Archetype and develop & integrate its higher expression. Lower expression: Using one's Magician powers for the purpose of manipulation, to seduce others to follow oneself; false gurus, counselors; Black Magic! Higher expression: True alchemists and transformers, magical in the way they can create change and transformation in one's Four-Body system (they do this by understanding Universal Laws at each level and applying them), egoless, true servant of the Divine, skill, diplomacy, self confidence and will
a woman of integrity, intelligence and honesty
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Magician (Elliot Boggs) is a Marvel Comics' character appearing in their Ultimate imprint. Created by Robert Kirkman, he first appears in Ultimate X-Men #66.
someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience
a man with many things on his mind,,,, as well as having a few tricks up his sleeve
a performer who gives the audience the experience of having witnessed something magical
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Tarot #1the inquirer.
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EQ Magicians Info on pets, research and tips. Message board
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a professional liar
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ASL Browser
The name given to Chiaotzu when he rigged the draw at the tournament and when he used to be Emperor.
an actor playing the part of a
an actor who pretends he is doing the impossible
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a person who pulls r abbits out of h ats
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a human that uses magic, I am a witch, not a human
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a person who can do difficult things quite easily