Definitions for "Druid "
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One of an order of priests which in ancient times existed among certain branches of the Celtic race, especially among the Gauls and Britons.
A member of a social and benevolent order, founded in London in 1781, and professedly based on the traditions of the ancient Druids. Lodges or groves of the society are established in other countries.
Druidism, the religion of pre-Christian Britain, featured nature-worship and human sacrifice, but also had a place for Bards. Blake regarded Druidism as a universal proto-religion.
theurgist who works with the power of Nature directly. (This is not historically correct; this is for fantasy gaming purposes.) “Anti-druids”, necromanctic theurgists who wield the power of Unlife directly without a divine intermediary, have not yet been observed.
Any class capable of casting druid spells (the other subtype of divine spells) These are pure Druid (again distinguished by the capital ) and Ranger.
a class that can adapt to situations and fit the roles of other classes
Keywords:  shapeshifter
a shapeshifter
a prevader of truth and wisdom from antiquity forward
a Student and a Master of Wisdom
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a lover of trees, Of wolves and bears and even bees
a pure caster, not even a hybrid
a system level debugger supplied by SCIOPTA and is used in addition to a source-lever debugger
A term used by a dissatisfied contestant, who has problems with the rules, when referring to a race official.
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a form of witch
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Druid is a tool to handle database tables. Users can add/modify/delete database objects using a simple GUI. When the DB structure is complete, Druid can generate the SQL script to generate the DB and the related docs.
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a very wise man
Keywords:  dedicating, agent, balance, life, woman
a man (or woman) dedicating its life as an agent of balance
a balanced character with many play style options
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See "Assistant."