Definitions for "Pagan"
One who worships false gods; an idolater; a heathen; one who is neither a Christian, a Mohammedan, nor a Jew.
Of or pertaining to pagans; relating to the worship or the worshipers of false goods; heathen; idolatrous, as, pagan tribes or superstitions.
A country dweller; one who lives outside the city and its culture.
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Pagan in a fictional world in the computer role-playing game series Ultima. It is first mentioned in Ultima VII Part II: the Serpent Isle and it is the setting of Ultima VIII. The Avatar is dropped into Pagan by the Guardian at the beginning of Ultima VIII and the plot of the game revolves around his attempts to escape.
a brilliant and refreshingly unique study, a relevant groundwork towards a solid and sustained renewal of the West through real socio-religious and cultural transformation on an evolutionary scale
a follower of one or other of a range of religious beliefs
a person who follows one of those "other" faiths
a person who believes that Divinity
a person who believes that everything has a soul or spirit
a person who feels a strong connection to nature, who holds the Earth and its creatures sacred, and who seeks a personal connection with the Divine
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Pagan was originally released in 2004 by Celtic metal band Cruachan.
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People Against Goodness And Normalcy
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an N64 emulator
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a very different novel