Definitions for "iNFO"
Keywords:  texinfo, gnu, emacs, viewer, fretwell
Small and efficient viewer for NFO, DIZ, and other ASCII art files. Associates file extensions so that you only need to double click on the file. Only for Windows at the moment.
A system like man but providing more information about GNU programs, like emacs. Run info to try it.
This command retrieves the "info" file for a list. The info file is a short text description of the list. It usually contains the list's charter or other information about its purpose, as well as instructions on how to unsubscribe and/or contact the list's maintainer. If you have the list configuration set to include the "Date in Info", then Majordomo will insert the current date and time at the top of the info file for you, each time you update it. This command may be made made private so only list members can use it.
Keywords:  tabular, dbms, arcinfo, arc, manipulate
A tabular DBMS used by ARC/INFO to store and manipulate feature attribute and related tables.
A tabular database manager used by ARC/INFO to store attribute and relational datasets.
A tabular DBMS used by ArcInfo to store and manipulate feature attribute tables and other related tables.
Generic top-level domain. Unrestricted, but generally used for informative purposes.
reads and displayes info files. Similar but more modern than " man"
Read Info documents, see the section called "The Info pages".
Read Info documents, see Section
info domains are available to the general public.
This suffix is for information sites only. Info domain is available for general public.
General Use, The .info domain is operated by Afilias Limited
a message received and understood
INFO string exp Displays a message in the terminal screen, e.g. about the action currently being per-formed. e.g.
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a relatively new tool that has many of the same capabilities as the HAYSTACK tool
Notification about a condition that could lead to an impending problem or notification of an event that improves operation.
a conjugate between their clients, providers and suppliers