Definitions for "Documents"
Official meeting documents are placed on the website, as they become available. In-session documents are distributed on site and may include CRPs, and nonpapers. Informal documents are often distributed outside the meeting room by Parties or observers.
When you enter Mexico you are given a tourist card, which you must return when you leave. If you lose the card, you will need to go to the Mexican Immigration office at the Maritime Terminal to obtain another (224-7653). You will need proof of how you entered the country–such as a plane ticket–and identification–driver's license, passport, birth certificate or voters registration card. These are the same means of identification needed to cross the border into Mexico.
Printed or written information, legal or official papers, books, etc.
This refers to papers attached to drafts issued in international trade transactions which usually include an ocean Bill of lading, Marine insurance certificates and commercial Invoices and, when required, Certificates of origin and Consular documents. Français: Documents Español: Documentos
Papers customarily attached to foreign drafts, consisting of ocean bills of lading, marine insurance certificates, and commercial invoices, and where required, including certificates of origin and consular invoices.
The commercial documents used in documentary credit transactions, e.g.. Air Waybill, Bill of Lading, Inspection Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Packing List etc.
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Medal for Merit Desch, Mumma Interview Bombe correspondence NCR in 1938 Traffic 1943 The Electronic Chassis Thyratron Specs Vannevar Bush 1942 Research Report Bombe History 1943, 1944 Rosters
Documents can be created, stored, and managed in the Documents tab of the GhostFill Explorer. Your documents can be organized in folders, Applications, and mappings. Alternatively, the files can be saved through scripting into DMS applications like Hummingbird and Interwoven. HotDocs and DealBuilder provide no independent document management system, but do include the ability to integrate with existing DMS applications through ODMA.
a provision which enables any individual, group or agency that has significant environmental concerns with a project to write to the Minister requesting that the project undergo an individual EA, i
Documents was a late 1920s-era Surrealist journal edited and masterminded by Georges Bataille. Published in Paris from 1929 through 1930, Documents ran for 15 issues, each of which contained a wide range of original writing and photographs.
A page is considered a document if the path ends in a file extension configured by the system administrator as a document (examples: .htm or .doc) or if there is no file name - that is, the path ends in a slash (example: Typically, a page will be defined as a document if the content is static (that is, it contains no query parameters). However, the administrator has the option of configuring dynamic pages to be identified as documents if he or she chooses.
Pages that were defined as "documents" in Options. Typically, pages are defined as a document if the content is static, such as complete HTML pages. However, you can define dynamic pages and forms as documents if you choose.
Standing orders provide for the laying before, and publication by the Parliament of any relevant document, defined as 'anything in which information is recorded in any form'.
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Information stored in files on your pc.
files such as PDFs, Word docs, etc
Files (text files), file links or URLs (Internet addresses.) You can associate documents to most objects.
Copies of account information, such as bank statements, profit and loss statements, tax returns, paycheck stubs, retirement letters and credit reports.
a group called the Coalition for Freedom of Information
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a service of the Drs
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a commitment that will reward in a huge manner
More than just text. Think of computer documents as magazine articles or newspaper stories. There is the story, but there may also be pictures or maps or video clips to help you better understand the text.
The characteristics and importance of the various documents associated with Import/Export operations are explained and illustrated in Deciding on Documents.
Disclosures and written agreements that are required for the closing of a loan. Documents are the contract upon which the terms of a loan are outlined and agreed upon.
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Sales and Non-sale documents or deeds
With regard to real estate; it is any legal instrument used during a transaction, such as contracts, options, wills, deeds, bills of sale, etc.