Definitions for "Dossier"
The dossier is a compilation of documents which is assembled for an international adoption and presented to the foreign government. Every country is unique and each has different document requirements. Typically, the dossier will include such items as Birth Certificates of both parents, Marriage licenses and divorce decrees from previous marriages, health statements,Letters of reference, Financial statements and tax records, employment verification, police records, state background and child abuse clearances, Approved Adoption Home Study and Pictures of your home and family.
a collection of documents consisting of verifications, certificates, studies, and petitions to the China Center of Adoption Affairs
a compilation of paperwork and pictures
a collection of papers containing detailed information about a particular person or subject (usually a person's record)
a collection of credentials which students and alumni may need to support applications for graduate study, fellowships and grants, or academic employment
a collection of research undertaken by the Rede Nacional Feminista de Saude e Direitos Reprodutivos (RedeSaude, National Feminist Network of Reproductive Health and Rights) on a
The complete pharmaceutical registration file, including biostudy, which can be used to obtain TGA market approval for the pharmaceutical and listing it on ARTG.
The term given to an application after it has been approved
a file of persuasive information arguing for adequate numbers of fully trained, quality teachers
a file on a category A or B suspect in the Phoenix program
a packet of materials that is sent to prospective employers
The packet of documents (transcripts, letters of reference, essay, etc.) that LASPAU submits as your application to a university.
A bundle containing the papers in reference to some matter.
Entity The smallest interrelated aggregation of records, usually named after the person, activity, or subject to which it refers. A dossier should not be confused with a folder. A dossier is a conceptual unit aggregated on the basic of the action or matter with which it deals.
a "factual description of a professor's major strengths and teaching achievements
an online, dynamic guide that provides narrative and up-to-date resources to guide the user through the key issues and debates on a specific development theme
a carefully-prepared government report for public consumption, which wants to sound more exciting than a carefully-prepared government report