Definitions for "finalization"
Keywords:  adopt, decree, child, parent, custody
The court hearing which results in the adoption decree. This is the moment when the adoptee becomes the permanent, legally adopted child of the adoptive parents. In PA this cannot occur less than 6 months after the adoption.
A court proceeding that reviews all the paperwork and declares the child adopted by the adoptive family. In some counties this is when we stop being paid for services. In other counties this happens at Adoptive Placement.
The legal step in the adoption process that makes it final. Finalization requires a court hearing where a judge orders that the adoptive parents become the child's legal parents.
Action in which lead-in and lead-out areas are recorded that must be performed at the end of a recording operation if the disc is to be readable in a conventional drive. Also referred to as closure.
Keywords:  act
the act of finalizing.